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56 Easey Street

Collingwood, 3066

Victoria,    Australia

Mon - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm

Creating Complex Imaging Solutions  +613 9419 5247




Camera Clinic's sister company       1300 72 10 70. 

Designing and manufacturing cameras for client’s individual and specific photographic needs.


Examples of some of these units for a select and diverse range of industries.   



Zoos Night imagery used for Zoos & Wild Life Sanctuaries.
  Recording animals behavioural patterns targeting breeding programs
Medical Imagery
Ophthalmology units for eye testing
Skin cancer and mole mapping – Ultraviolet photography
Dental records/file keeping
Cosmetic Surgery procedures (before/after)
Time Lapse      
Theme Park cameras; capturing images on theme park rides
King Pin bowling - Melbourne
The Edge Sky Deck Eureka Tower– Melbourne
Chill Bar – Melbourne
King Kong – Sky Deck Melbourne
Bungee Swing – Queensland
Boomerang Park – Queensland
Architectural time lapse; capturing images of building projects
Botany – capturing rare species of flora in bloom
Aircraft Producing custom made camera housings to accommodate photographic
  units to fit particular aircraft wings to assist with photographing bush fire zones.
  Electricity companies checking power lines and geographical surveys
  Aerial photography
3 Dimensional
Cameras designed to sync together; producing 3 dimensional images.
These units are in high demand in the mining industry.
Also used for mapping, engineering and surveying.
Police department; crime scenes.
3D camera rigs bracketed to a transportable apparatus; recording images
of horse’s hooves, for farriers to purpose make horse shoes for the
  horse racing industry
Hi Speed Sync
Modifying cameras to capture hi speed imagery; popular in advertising
eg:  Capturing split second water droplets or a balloon popping. 
Remote Release
Extension of a remote release.
Modifications to remote release units.